Five-way call "silky" experience, Elevator Cloud family has added a voice call terminal

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  • Time of issue:2022-06-27 00:00

Five-way call "silky" experience, Elevator Cloud family has added a voice call terminal

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  • Time of issue:2022-06-27 00:00

Since the release of GB/T 24476, the national standard for the elevator Internet of Things, and the No. 56 document of the General Administration, various localities have gradually promoted the construction of local supervision platforms. In some places, it is required to have functions such as audio call or video surveillance in addition to basic elevator operation data collection. STEP elevator cloud has mature products in elevator operation data collection and data collection + video .


In order to better meet the actual needs of customers, the STEP Elevator Cloud team has recently developed a terminal ESDT400SA(-B) that supports elevator operation data collection + voice calls after research and development , further expanding the hardware products of the Elevator Cloud family.



▲ ESDT400SA(-B)


1 System Architecture Diagram



2 Features 


overall features


■  ESDT400SA(-B) can be seamlessly connected to the existing analog five-party call system


■  The terminal is highly integrated, and the five-party call analog-to-digital module and the data acquisition and transmission module are integrated into one terminal


■  Support CAN, RS485, RS232 to collect elevator running data, reserve 1 dry contact input


■  Small size, support standard rail installation



voice call function


Cooperate  with the four-wire analog walkie-talkie to realize the call between the car personnel and the remote maintenance personnel's mobile phone or the telephone in the duty room. The SIM card does not need to activate the call function, and it is realized based on the Internet phone


■  Up to 3 phone numbers (mobile phone or landline) can be set remotely through the cloud platform without on-site setting


■  After the car personnel press the car call button, the set telephone numbers can be dialed in turn until one of them is connected


The  terminal can analyze the alarm signal (ringing signal) of the five-party system and upload it to the platform, and a pop-up window can be prompted on the platform


■  When a person is trapped or the elevator fails, the terminal can play a comforting voice to the auxiliary machine of the car through the five-party intercom interface


■  When the passenger presses the alarm button, the terminal controls the car to play the voice prompt of "alarm signal confirmed"


■  A car sub-unit can also realize remote communication with this terminal, and there is no need to add a host computer in the machine room for the application of villa elevators


Data collection and transmission function


■  Elevator operation data collection and transmission (status, fault, event, statistical information, alarm bell alarm, etc.)


■  Support remote upgrade service


■  Support mobile phone APP or WeChat applet call elevator


Terminal selection


■  ESDT400SA, comes with a SIM card, including 3 years of traffic charges and 3 years of unlimited IP call charges


■  ESDT400SA-B, without SIM card, customers can make their own, including unlimited IP calls for 3 years

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