New stars set sail to achieve new brilliance | "2022 New Graduate Training Course" grand opening

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New stars set sail to achieve new brilliance | "2022 New Graduate Training Course" grand opening

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On July 12, the first batch of 54 fresh graduates from various business departments and graduated from key first-class universities in China gathered at the Shanghai headquarters to welcome the grand opening of the "Training Class for New Graduates" of the STEP Institute, which also marked the The STEP "Rising Stars" program officially kicked off.



1 Welcome to the new class and officially set sail

At the opening ceremony of the new class, the president of the company welcomed the arrival of all freshmen online, and put forward hopes and requirements for everyone: first, let everyone understand the company's corporate culture and mission, and make their own values ​​​​and corporate values ​​consistent. The second is to establish a customer-centric ideology, promote technology and product innovation in the workplace through what the school has learned, and achieve the needs of customers with a pragmatic attitude; finally, I hope that everyone will integrate into the enterprise as soon as possible. , Apply what you have learned to work, work together, develop together, and achieve together.


Tian Yongxin, general manager of STEP Intelligent Manufacturing Division, introduced the company's basic situation and scientific research structure to the students, and hoped that the students would adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, integrate into the corporate culture, and practice the company's core values; at the same time, they must continue to learn and learn at work , grow in learning.



Qian Wei, assistant to the chairman of STEP , introduced the core projects and development of the school to the students, put forward the concept of "lifelong learning", and encouraged the students to make continuous breakthroughs and growth.


The participation of leaders at all levels made all new trainees feel full of warmth and a sense of ceremony. The atmosphere was harmonious and enthusiastic. The company leaders took a group photo with everyone.




2 Class construction, work together


With the end of the orientation session, the 2022 training class for fresh graduates officially entered the first phase of training content. Li Qingsong, the head teacher , introduced the content and arrangement of the training to the students in detail, and distributed the "Student Growth Manual" to each student. Tian Yongxin brought the first lesson "Introduction to Corporate Culture" to the students.


During the training, class building was carried out through a series of activities such as "self-display, group building, wish sharing, and project co-construction". Stepping into the post improves self-confidence and accelerates role integration.

3 Quality courses, help training and promote growth


In order to help the new generation grow rapidly, STEP Institute optimized the previous training mode and set up a 3-week "training period" plan. More than 30 outstanding executives, business backbones, and technical experts were selected from the company as training teachers. Quality courses, participation in teaching. The training content not only includes job knowledge such as culture, strategy, market, technology, technology, and products, but also professional skills and behavior habits such as professionalism, craftsman spirit, and tool application. The training mode adopts a step-by-step introduction, starting from the shallow Deep, and equipped with activities and tasks such as visits, practice, and project co-construction.


Lecture site


4 Cultural expansion, accelerated integration


During the training period, cultural development was also arranged, and the "Happy Team Building Day" activity was carried out. Through the competition of five team games such as "Paper Airplane, Life is Like a Play, and Playing Football", it not only injected vitality into the training, but also let everyone Realize the importance of "teamwork".


Group photo


Before the event ended, the company quietly sent birthday wishes to the two students whose birthdays were that month. Everyone surrounded the prepared birthday cake and sang birthday songs together, and the atmosphere reached a climax.


5 Professional skills challenge to help improve skills

During the training period, in order to improve the students' technical application practical ability and team scientific research and innovation ability, the training class also launched a "professional skills challenge". Based on their own professional capabilities and characteristics, each team received corresponding projects one after another and completed the formulation of solutions. Finally, after expert review and defense, the project design of "Defect Detection System Design Based on Machine Vision" stood out.

Through this challenge, it is of great significance to guide the students. It not only improves the ideas of new applications, but also learns a lot of experience in professional skills in the future. Chen Wei, director of the Enterprise Technology Center, said: "Everyone can complete the task conscientiously without practical experience, and the performance is very good. I hope that everyone can continue to maintain this spirit of exploration and cooperation in future work."



At present, the first phase of the training camp has ended, but the "Rising Stars" plan is still in progress, so stay tuned for more exciting content.

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