Appreciate the "hard" power ┃ Section 1 SC20 motion controller hardware structure and function

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Appreciate the "hard" power ┃ Section 1 SC20 motion controller hardware structure and function

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Hello everyone, the SC series is a PCA product launched by STEP in 2021. It is favored by users with the characteristics of "integrated control, one-stop connection, and one platform design". In order to help everyone understand and better use the SC series, from today Beginning of our launch of the SC Teaching Series. This course will be divided into several chapters, including hardware, software, and functional applications, from the shallower to the deeper. Today, let's enter the hardware chapter first, let's get to know SC20 together.


2 Versions of SC20 Series Motion Controllers



The SC20 controller has rich interface structure and outstanding comprehensive performance, which can meet the needs of various occasions. Support interpolation, electronic cam, electronic gear, position latch, synchronous follow, virtual axis setting, EtherCAT bus control and other functions; the optimized NET network port can be used as both Ethernet communication interface and EtherCAT bus communication interface.



#1 programming language


In addition to fully complying with the IEC61131-3 international PLC programming standard rules, it also complies with the PLCOpen motion control specification; eliminates technical differences and barriers between program developers and maximizes the interoperability of user programming technologies;


The STEP AS programming software developed based on the CODESYS platform supports 6 programming languages: ladder diagram LD, structured text ST, instruction list IL, sequence diagram SFC, function diagram FBD and continuous function diagram CFC.


#2 Hardware Interface


Features such as high interface integration, diversified communication methods, integrated pulse control and bus control;


Integrates a variety of industrial interfaces, including RS485\ RS232\CAN\USB and other industrial interfaces, to meet the communication needs in various scenarios;


Integrates EtherCAT bus axis and pulse axis interface to meet the control needs of bus servo drive and pulse servo drive; through EtherCAT bus communication, it can carry up to 16 motion axes;


Integrated plug-in expansion mode and EtherCAT remote bus expansion mode, supporting digital input and output IO\analog input and output IO; through the plug-in expansion unit, a maximum of 512 IO points can be supported.



#3 Hardware structure and parameter configuration


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