In-depth tracking丨STEP robot breaks through the bottleneck of production capacity for elevator door panels

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  • Time of issue:2019-12-31 00:00

In-depth tracking丨STEP robot breaks through the bottleneck of production capacity for elevator door panels

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  • Time of issue:2019-12-31 00:00

CANNY Elevator, the world's top 10 elevator manufacturer, used STEP robots to build an automated production line for elevator door panels, bringing production speed and efficiency to a new level.

The third stop of tracking search: Suzhou Kangli elevator door panel workshop
STEP robot station: Elevator door panel WEMO line
Number of STEP robots: 4
Robot service start time:
February line features: high tempo, high stability


Suzhou Kangli elevator door panel WEMO line

Robots challenge high-tac production lines

12 seconds! The maximum stroke of the robot is more than 5 meters! Challenging the WEMO line of elevator door panels known for its high tempo and high stability, the STEP robot has proved its strength over time.

Coming back from the CANNY Elevator, I can’t help but think of the ferocity from the thunderous stamping to the spot welding of the reinforcing ribs, which is as ferocious as the tempering of real gold; Remove the door panel from the bracket and put it down gently, which is no less gentle than nursing a swaddled baby. From an ordinary steel plate to the elevator door panel that welcomes and sees us off every day, what has been experienced in the middle is the fusion of iron and fire, and the tempering of wisdom and strength.

After going through 9 processes, a door panel comes off the production line every 12 seconds. STEP robots are busy at the production line transfer, rib loading, door panel hanging, and door panel removal. 4 production line workers per shift produce 2,400 door panels , running more than 300 days a year, it is this speed and efficiency that help CANNY Elevator rank among the top ten elevator manufacturers in the world.



Reducing people is not our goal, but improving quality and efficiency is the goal

"Globally, the elevator market is in a stage of rapid growth, and the trend of concentration of production capacity to leading enterprises is taking shape. Canny's production capacity bottleneck needs to be broken through urgently. Products with high standardization and large batches such as elevator door panels need to be introduced High-tempo, high-quality intelligent and automated production line. The head of the door panel workshop pointed to the long queue of large trucks in the delivery area and said, "Our orders have increased by 40% this year, and it is expected to increase next year. The robots deployed three years ago The door panel line, the workshop has already used it proficiently and is ready to meet new challenges.”

Minister Xi also said that compared with before the automatic production line, the total number of workers in the door panel workshop has basically not decreased, but the production capacity and product quality have improved significantly, the work intensity of workers has decreased, and employee satisfaction and sense of gain have increased. Especially for the spraying station that is tested by high temperature, the station near the oven in summer exceeds 40 degrees, and the efficiency of people is very low. Now it is different, the order is digitized, and the accuracy of the order is improved. As soon as the button is turned on, the forklift will feed the material, and the work of the workshop workers will be much easier. In short, reducing people is not our goal, but improving quality and efficiency is the goal. "


November 2019 live video

About Kangli. CANNY Elevator Co., Ltd. is a modern professional elevator company integrating design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance. In 2019, CANNY became a national brand among the top 10 global elevator manufacturers. CANNY Elevator takes building a national brand as its own responsibility, and its enterprise, product and technology development have steadily increased, reaching the domestic leading level, and some even reaching the international advanced level. Products cover a variety of elevator categories, especially passenger elevators, residential elevators, high-speed passenger elevators, medical elevators, sightseeing elevators, machine room-less elevators, cargo elevators, hydraulic elevators, car elevators; commercial escalators, public transportation escalators , Inclined moving walks, horizontal moving walks and other products are famous all over the world.

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