One Belt One Road丨STEP Sponsors the First Elevator Engineering Technology Competition

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  • Time of issue:2019-08-01 00:00

One Belt One Road丨STEP Sponsors the First Elevator Engineering Technology Competition

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  • Time of issue:2019-08-01 00:00

On the afternoon of July 29, the 4-day "2019 Belt and Road and BRICS National Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition - The First Elevator Engineering Technology Competition" ended successfully at Hunan Electric Vocational and Technical College. The closing ceremony was attended by more than 200 people, including the leaders of the co-organizers of the competition, competition experts, referees, contestants, technical support and staff, and representatives of vocational college teachers.



Competition Closing Ceremony



Wang Rui made technical comments on the competition

Wang Rui, director of the competition organizing committee, commented on the competition technology and said that this competition is based on the renovation and renewal of old elevators as the assessment background, and takes the elevator transformation technology and on-site construction organization and management as the entry point to set the competition topics. Comprehensive professional quality and comprehensive technology application ability. The competition has a long schedule and comprehensive test points, making it more difficult for those who simply understand some types of work. Through this competition, the attention of the industry and enterprises in the field of elevator engineering technology to the transformation and updating of technical capabilities has been raised. At the same time, it is also hoped to influence and guide the development direction of vocational education and skill training in the field of elevator engineering technology.

After 4 days of fierce competition, four contestants including Long Shengming from Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd., Zuo Ke from Hunan Electric Vocational and Technical College, Wang Wuchao from Huasheng Fujitec Elevator Co., Ltd., and Jiang Shan from Beijing Subway Technical School won the first prize in the competition; Guizhou 8 contestants including Li Kaixiang from Hangteng Electromechanical Equipment Sales Co., Ltd. won the second prize in the competition; 12 contestants including Meng Guangle from Langfang Youli Elevator Co., Ltd. won the third prize in the competition; 15 contestants including Pu Lei from Suzhou Branch of CANNY Elevator Co., Ltd. Competitors won the Competition Excellence Award.





contest winner



Competition site丨STEP control cabinet KC64

The elevator control system of this competition all uses STEP KC64 elevator control cabinet. This elevator control cabinet adopts AS380 all-in-one operating system, single elevator floor ≤ 64 floors, elevator running speed ≤ 4m/s, group control number ≤ 8 units.


Practical on-site technical support team

The competition is divided into 8 modules. Two after-sales managers of STEP , Yin Jinsong (3rd from left) and Zhang Jie (1st from right), are responsible for the technical support of modules 2 and 6 to ensure that the on-site technical problems related to the elevator control system are solved in the first place .


He Yong delivered the closing speech

He Yong, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the BRICS National Skills Development and Technological Innovation Competition, said in his closing speech that he was pleased to see that the technical regulations for the elevator competition in China were compiled with reference to the basic guidelines of the World Skills Standard Specification (WSSS), which reflected the world skills. Best international practice as described in the standard specification and have it implemented in this competition. It is hoped that the competition technical committee can continue to summarize the experience and shortcomings of this competition, and further improve the technical standards of China's elevator competition by integrating with the world skill standards. He once again thanked the organizers, supporting companies, experts, referees, and contestants for their work and efforts for this competition, and thanked everyone for their continued support for the BRICS competition.

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