Anti-vibration fighter | Zhongweixing formwork machine control system quiz

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Anti-vibration fighter | Zhongweixing formwork machine control system quiz

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Simply test the mechanical vibration of a template machine, even only need a cigarette↓↓↓



△Small vibration test of formwork machine (using Zhongweixing formwork machine control system)

Today, let's talk about the mechanical vibration of the template machine.

In order to meet the ever-increasing requirements for process accuracy, the current garment template machines on the market tend to use servo motors instead of stepping motors. In the transmission part, the material of the belt or screw used for feeding is different, and the actual processing effect is different. Excessive vibration during operation can cause:

01. Causes unsightly stitches and affects processing quality
02. Easy thread breakage reduces processing efficiency
03. Brings a lot of noise
04. Affects the accuracy of needle insertion
05. Affects the service life of the machine

In order to reduce mechanical vibration, our first thought is to reduce the running speed of the equipment, use reasonable acceleration and deceleration to control the start and stop of each stitch, and in the corner part of the machining process and the beginning and end stages, through smooth acceleration and deceleration and through matching the spindle To reduce vibration, and at the same time make the pinhole effect of processing excellent. 

In addition, the control system can also reduce the vibration caused by inertia by controlling with an S-shaped acceleration and deceleration curve. 

Shenzhen Zhongweixing has conducted in-depth research on the template sewing process for many years, and the control system of the garment template machine launched is famous for its stability and high efficiency. Its S-shaped curve acceleration and deceleration function makes the running speed change softly, so as to adapt to the performance of the motor and reduce the impact of impact. The sewing effect and efficiency of the template machine are greatly improved.


▶▶▶ Data can tell the truth ◀◀◀

Mechanical Conditions
Brand: Zhongweixing
X-axis: Servo, 400W, screw
Y-axis: Servo, 750W, screw 
is limited by conditional factors, the X-axis that has less influence on the experimental results is changed to a belt drive, and the location of the data collected in the experiment is Middle of the machine. The data is collected when the machine starts to process graphics, and the peak data within the processing time is used as the standard. The specific data are as follows.



Spindle speed


Air speed


X-axis action distance


Y axis action distance





maximum value

1000 40000 538.6 608.9 2.5mm 65.5
2000 40000 538.6 608.9 2.5mm 65.2
2600 40000 538.6 608.9 2.5mm 65.8



By analyzing the measured noise decibels, it is found that the vibration of Zhongweixing Electronic Control is less affected by the speed. When the machine is running at medium and high speeds, Zhongweixing Electronic Control has a greater advantage in vibration.
Through the above data measurement results, do you have a new understanding of Zhongweixing formwork machine system?

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