Singliner-Ω series servo丨Helping China Robotics Summit

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  • Time of issue:2019-05-15 00:00

Singliner-Ω series servo丨Helping China Robotics Summit

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The 6th China Robotics Summit and Smart Economy Talents Summit with the theme of "Machine Intelligent Connection, Empowering Everything" was grandly opened in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province on May 9. Thousands of experts, scholars and business leaders in the robotics industry gathered around the Siming Lake, surrounded by green mountains and rippling blue waves, around the robot technology, industrial cooperation and exchange platform, and witnessed cutting-edge application scenarios and technological achievements in the robotics field. , Promote "robot +" to empower all industries.


Opening of the summit

Siegliner brings the core technology of German drive and control, integrates the concept of intelligent manufacturing in Chinese factories, and provides users with excellent drive and control product experience and ultimate solutions.

In 1982, Sigriner was established in Bavaria, Germany, focusing on the technology development of drive and control products. In 2003, Sigriner successfully joined forces with Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd., which opened a new milestone for STEP Sigriner Elektronik GmbH. In 2016, with the upsurge of intelligent manufacturing 2025, it came to China, and jointly created the Ω series servo drive products with the Chinese local technical team.

In the main venue of the summit, the man-machine game scheme using Singliner drive control technology has attracted the attention of experts, scholars and industry engineers. All the artificial intelligence geeks are eager to play against the robot.


man-machine game

The on-site man-machine game equipment uses the Ωm-N1 series servo driver, which is a multi-axis product launched by Sigriner, including a rectifier unit (AC200V), a three-axis and four-axis integrated drive unit (DC300V).


Multi-axis series products

The product has the following characteristics:

• Four-axis integration, easy installation, space-saving: 3kW rectifier + four-axis drive + four-axis drive effective area is equal to an A4 paper
• FPGA hardware current loop ≥ 3.5kHz
• Support multiple encoders (Tamagawa, Nikon, Panasonic... …) interface motor
• Obtain current feed-forward through Kalman observer to achieve position following error range ≤ 100μs
• Bus type communication, compatible with multiple brands of EtherCAT device controllers

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