Stepping into a New Era and Opening a New Era丨Step 2017 Annual Meeting and 2018 Spring Festival Gala

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Stepping into a New Era and Opening a New Era丨Step 2017 Annual Meeting and 2018 Spring Festival Gala

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The earth is full of joy when spring returns, and the world of blessings is full of joyful songs. On February 1, the STEP 2017 Annual Meeting and 2018 Spring Festival Gala were grandly held in the lecture hall of STEP Shanghai Siyi Road Factory.


2017STEP annual meeting

STEP's 2017 annual film - "STEP in 2017" first led everyone to review the struggle of STEP people in 2017. Subsequently, Chairman Ji Yi and President Cai Liang delivered speeches, and the conference held an award ceremony for STEP's annual outstanding craftsmanship-artisan project.

Speech by Chairman Ji Yi: Intelligent Manufacturing Contributes to STEP


The past year was a wonderful year for STEP! In 2017, the STEP Group's sales hit a new high, and the revenue from the operation control and robotics segment accounted for nearly 70% of the group's total revenue, which shows that STEP's transformation and development strategy has taken shape.

Hundreds of boats compete for the flow, if you don't advance, you will retreat. I hope STEP colleagues will continue to maintain a sense of awe, collaboration, and gratitude. Fighting bravely to be the first, our happiness comes from struggle, but also from teamwork. Today, the reason why we can come together is because we have a common dream - to build a leading enterprise in China's intelligent manufacturing. Let us always remember our original intention and contribute to the rise of China's smart manufacturing, STEP people.

Speech by President Cai Liang: A New Era for STEP


With the addition of new members such as Zhongweixing, Xiaoao, Huitong, and Zhishan Zhikong, the intelligent manufacturing sector has been formed, and the development of the entire business of STEP Group can now truly be said to have entered a "new era of STEP". Facing the new era, President Cai Liang emphasized three key words: responsibility, craftsman spirit, and integration.

Responsibility is the basic quality that a professional should possess, and what is promised must be fulfilled. Starting from me, I promise to the board of directors, and all employees promise to the company that we will jointly assume the responsibility of the entire company, and let responsibility become a culture of STEP.

Craftsman spirit: skilled craftsmen, keep improving. In your own position, truly become the most capable person; even if you have not achieved it now, you must have ambitions to do better and become the most capable person. Keep improving, how high you demand of yourself can determine how high you can achieve. In short, be a capable person and become a skilled craftsman; be a person who constantly challenges yourself and breaks through the limit, and strive for excellence.

fusion. The continuous addition of new companies is the biggest pillar of the company's new vitality and an important foundation for future development. Integration requires everyone to maintain an open and tolerant attitude, accept other people's cultures, understand other people's practices, find a common ground, and there is always a way to reach the final consistent goal. I hope that everyone will take the initiative to take this step, find this resource, make full use of the favorable opportunities in the market, and truly enter the new era of STEP.

Awards: Excellence in Craftsmanship - Artisan Project



2017 is the year that STEP vigorously advocates the spirit of craftsman. Gidefa, the founder and former chairman of STEP, calls on everyone to strive to be the enlightened, practitioner and successful person of the spirit of craftsman. At the annual meeting, STEP held an award ceremony for the 2017 Excellent Craftsmanship-Craftsman Project.

2018STEP Spring Festival Gala

Spring Festival couplets to wish a better future


Spring Festival couplets are a traditional custom of the Chinese nation. At the annual meeting, the subsidiaries of STEP - Wang Gangzhi, general manager of Zhishan Zhikong, Su Chongde, general manager of Huitong, Zhou Guangxing, general manager of Robotics, Tian Yongxin, general manager of Xiaoao, Zeng Yi, chairman of Zhongweixing , Wang Gaojian, general manager of Yixin, Kong Shanxiang, general manager of cables, Jin Xinhai, general manager of electrical machinery, and Wang Peng, general manager of electrical machinery, showed Spring Festival couplets one after another to express their best wishes.

President Cai Liang’s couplet is: Time has no trace, 23 years in business, STEP is at the time of youth; success has its way, and another 30 years, STEP coincides with infinite glory. Ji Yi, chairman of the board, wrote a horizontal comment: The giant ship has set sail.

This year is the tenth year that STEP has held the "New Year's Gala" consecutively. The performances performed by the employees have become more and more exciting, reflecting more and more professional standards.


The opening performance of "Celebration and Inspiration" was like a galloping horse, and the drums played with an aura of fearlessness and enthusiasm!


"Youth Skewer Panama", hip-hop boys, passionate girls, youthful and dynamic, dancing.


The boys chorus "I Believe", I believe that I can touch the sky when I reach out, and I am never afraid of others seeing the dreams I want to have. I can realize them here.


The dance "Half Pot of Yarn", with poetic and picturesque charm, stretches the freedom of the soul and interprets the beauty of classical music with every gesture.




Dance "Come on, AMIGO", step on the balance car, and dance the youthful years. Come on, my friend, youth will never stop, fight together when you are the bravest.






The dance "Collection of Styles" combines rigidity and softness in Taijiquan, various styles of Indian dance, rigorous and tidy soldiers' drums, and passionate samba dance, which is inclusive and inclusive.


The chorus "Fly Freely, Song of the Yangtze River, Song of STEP". The STEP choir, singing at a professional level, sang the strength of STEP, the heroism of STEP, and the dream of STEP.


STEP people have created today's achievements with the attitude of a struggler; in the days to come, we need to continue to maintain the mentality and actions of a struggler. Stepping into a new era and opening a new era, happiness comes from hard work. In 2018, let's work hard!

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