SDIC Innovation helps STEP to create a world-class national brand of intelligent manufacturing

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  • Time of issue:2018-01-16 00:00

SDIC Innovation helps STEP to create a world-class national brand of intelligent manufacturing

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  • Time of issue:2018-01-16 00:00

On January 11, 2018, SDIC Innovation announced that its advanced manufacturing industry investment fund has completed an investment of 600 million yuan in the intelligent manufacturing sector of Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd.


STEP has domestic first-class frequency conversion technology and elevator control technology and application experience. Since 2013, it has transformed into the field of intelligent manufacturing. Through the independent research and development of the core technology of intelligent robots and the merger and acquisition of the intelligent manufacturing industry chain, it has formed a brand advantage in the field of robots and created a The intelligent manufacturing sector consisting of intelligent robots and motion control – Shanghai STEP Singlina Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "STEP Investment" or the "Company").
STEP firmly grasps the historical opportunity of blowout demand in my country's manufacturing industry for automation, intelligence, and informatization. Relying on independent innovation and technology-led strategies, STEP is the first in the industry to penetrate the control layer, drive layer, execution layer, and equipment layer in the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment. , engineering application and other links, and actively create a whole industry chain development pattern of "key core components - ontology - engineering application - remote informationization", so as to achieve rapid growth in the field of motion control and intelligent robot business, and promote STEP to transform from traditional elevator controllers And the transformation and upgrading of inverters to the field of intelligent manufacturing.
At present, STEP invests in STEP Robotics, a benchmark enterprise with domestic high-quality robot brands, Xiaoao Xiangrong, a leading enterprise in white body system integration in my country, Zhong Wei Xing, a leading motion control enterprise in my country, and Huitong Technology, the largest servo product agent in my country. , with intelligent robots as the core, actively promote the market collaboration, product complementarity and technology sharing of key enterprises in the industrial chain, and build a world-class national brand of intelligent manufacturing.


Cai Liang, President of STEP, believes:
STEP Investment has a prominent market position in various segments, and its rapid development in recent years has exceeded expectations. The Advanced Manufacturing Industry Investment Fund becomes a strategic partner
, which will push STEP's smart manufacturing business to a new level. STEP will benchmark against the international level, continuously improve the technology and technology of the intelligent manufacturing sector, and make STEP investment among the world's first-class ranks.
Wang Shihai, managing director of SDIC Innovation, said:
Intelligent robots and motion control are the basis and breakthrough for the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and are effective means for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. STEP was founded on the basis of frequency conversion and control technology, taking the real estate elevator market as its position, and achieved good performance. Under the pressure of industrial upgrading and technological progress, STEP has achieved faster development through business transformation and upgrading. We are full of confidence in the future of STEP investment. This investment is also a very meaningful investment example for advanced manufacturing industry investment funds to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to intelligent manufacturing.
About SDIC Innovation
SDIC Innovation Investment Management Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is a professional private equity management institution that operates independently in accordance with market-oriented requirements. At present, SDIC Innovation directly or indirectly manages fund assets of more than 60 billion yuan. The managed funds cover financial institutions, social security funds, state-owned and private capital. It is one of the largest professional private equity management institutions in China.

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