Zhishan Intelligent Control N95 mask machine solution
Zhishan Intelligent Control N95 mask machine solution


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Detailed introduction

Thanks to the effective control of domestic epidemic prevention, masks are no longer a scarce item in China. However, with the global outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for masks in other countries is growing, especially for N95 masks.

Zhishan Intelligent Control has integrated the supply chain in the early stage to provide the required same-service motor and drive for the mask machine, while relying on the excellent R&D and product resources of Xinshi Delta Group and fully understanding the production process of various N95 mask machines, the overall solution launched has been put into use in South China, East China and other places in batch.

The system advantages of N95 automatic mask machine / N95 semi-automatic mask machine total solution are as follows:


1)The automatic mask machine adopts 16-axis high-performance motion control card, and the semi-automatic mask machine adopts multi-axis high-performance motion control card. (2) Optimized control algorithm specifically for the working characteristics of the mask machine, using the chase shear function to achieve synchronous welding, significantly increasing the production speed, up to 120 pieces / min, product consistency up to 0.5mm, to meet the accuracy and speed requirements of automated production. 3)Customize the electronic cam curve according to the equipment demand, follow the spindle speed to automatically correct the chasing shear distance, making the equipment more stable, more efficient and more accurate under high-speed operation.

4)With full he service closed-loop control, all control motors can self-adapt to spindle speed, reducing the dependence on people during the production and commissioning of the equipment. 5)The free choice of different machine configurations is realized through function modules, which can quickly realize personalization.