Hand in hand with the light tower factory | STEP made a special speech at the Foxconn Technology Exchange Conference

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  • Time of issue:2022-08-26 00:00

Hand in hand with the light tower factory | STEP made a special speech at the Foxconn Technology Exchange Conference

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  • Time of issue:2022-08-26 00:00

On September 19, the "2022 Automation System Integration Application Technology Exchange Conference" sponsored by Foxconn Technology Group and undertaken by Gaogong Robotics was held at the Industry 4.0 Lighthouse Factory - Foxconn Longhua Factory. The meeting focused on advanced robot technology and 3C, smart logistics, and new energy market applications. Cui Yongqiang, Director of STEP Robot Technology Development Department, made a keynote speech entitled "SCARA Robots Help Precision Intelligent Manufacturing".



  The leader of Foxconn's procurement department said in his speech that Foxconn's transformation has achieved initial results. In addition to the 3C industry, Foxconn has specially developed new energy vehicle-related sectors this year, and has cooperated with some domestic and international companies. Due to the limited resources of automation suppliers in international markets such as North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe, and the incomplete industrial chain form, Foxconn hopes to join hands with more supplier partners to promote products and technologies to the world.


  In the special speech, Cui Yongqiang introduced STEP Zhongweixing SCARA leading the industry development trend from the three aspects of development history, core technology and industry application, continuously improving the technical route and application route, and fully empowering Foxconn's industrial chain partners.


  STEP Zhongweixing SCARA was officially born in 2008. With the glorious launch of the first robot-driven integrated technology in China in 2015, the product moat was unprecedentedly strengthened, and it was highly recognized by the industry, and its sales continued to lead. In terms of product layout, STEP follows the core concept of "high-precision, high-speed and easy-to-use". The AR (full-mount) and FR (flip-chip) general-purpose series launched first in the industry meet a variety of application scenarios, and have been enduring for a long time. The latest PTR (lock screw), YR (heavy load) and other series are favored by users because they are close to industry applications.



Cui Yongqiang, Director of STEP Robot Technology Development Department


  Cui Yongqiang said that after 14 years of technical reserves in STEP Zhongweixing, SCARA has developed "hard skills" in five major aspects: controller, body, algorithm, vision, and application:


Multi-core heterogeneous drive and control integrated controller technology can integrate servo algorithm, motion control algorithm and robot algorithm into one chip, realizing the real integration of drive and control;

On the basis of the traditional servo control technology algorithm, core algorithms such as multi-working condition jitter suppression, steady-state precision improvement, and dynamic self-adaptation are added;

· Visual automatic calibration technology only takes 2 minutes, which is more time-saving and accurate than manual calibration;

· Visual flying shooting greatly shortens the visual positioning time, which is conducive to improving the beat...


  In terms of industry applications, STEP Zhongweixing SCARA has a very wide range of application experience, serving more than 3,000 customers around the world. Currently, it has been deeply cultivating the 3C market with brand advantages, and at the same time continues to make efforts in high-growth markets such as power batteries and photovoltaics.


  Cui Yongqiang said, "Foxconn is STEP's most important partner. In the 3C field, the two parties have had a deep cooperation foundation in the past. STEP Zhongweixing SCARA entered the Foxconn factory directly or through a third-party integrator. In the future, we hope to further deepen cooperation and use STEP's global network layout contributes to the intelligent upgrading of domestic and overseas Foxconn factories, grows together with Foxconn, and sincerely wishes Foxconn will continue to be brilliant on the road to high-end and internationalization."

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