Realize the data drive of the whole production process! STEP eMES system online new product launch conference successfully held

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-09 00:00

Realize the data drive of the whole production process! STEP eMES system online new product launch conference successfully held

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-09 00:00

On September 28, the STEPeMES system online new product launch conference was grandly held, presenting a wonderful feast of digital transformation for the upcoming 73rd National Day. The live broadcast of the press conference showed the power of the eMES system, which is different from the traditional MES, in terms of production cost reduction, on-time delivery, and improvement of product quality and service quality, in the form of on-site release, STEP factory visits, and partner interviews. performance and market competitiveness. Mr. Jin Xinhai, President of STEP, attended the press conference together with leaders of industry associations and partners. The number of participants in the live broadcast room exceeded 500, and the number of likes reached 38,000.


Mr. Jin Xinhai, President of STEP, delivered an opening speech for the press conference. Mr. Jin said that the current digitalization process of manufacturing enterprises is accelerating, and the dependence on the MES system is particularly strong. As a manufacturing company, based on STEP's nearly 30 years of experience in automation and intelligence and core technology accumulation, the eMES system launched comes from STEP's personal understanding of pain points. It has been fully verified in the STEP factory until it matures, and will be integrated into intelligent manufacturing in the future. The overall solution is provided to customers. The eMES team has always paid attention to R&D and innovation, and the creation of hard-core products represents the evolution direction of traditional MES, leading the domestic and even global markets.



At the press conference, Wang Liming, executive vice chairman of China Machine Tool Industry Association, and Gao Xuan, secretary general of Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association, made speeches respectively. They highly appreciated STEP's achievements in digital technology services over the years. Looking forward to the eMES system released this time.



Tian Yongxin, general manager of STEP's Intelligent Manufacturing Division, said in his speech that STEP is not only a solution expert, but also committed to becoming a digital factory expert, and its investment directions include machine vision, MES, and factory energy management software. Relying on the practical experience of digital factories, STEP provides deeper digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing technology through forward-looking thinking and innovative leadership of the industry, integrates low-code and management software capabilities, and innovatively launches eMES system to help enterprises realize data-driven business model.


Mr. Tian Yongxin delivered a speech  



During the exciting product release session, Cao Jian, director of STEP's digital business development department, took everyone on a journey of new product exploration! Cao Jian said that MES upgrade is imperative, and the industry needs an "intelligent" MES to quickly coordinate internal and external enterprises to meet various needs for personalization, customization, and agility, and to flexibly and intelligently Allocate enterprise resources and capabilities, and these eMES systems can do it. With the blessing of eight core functions, eMES helps enterprises build six core competitiveness.


Mr. Cao Jian explained the eMES system  



Into the digital factory 



The press conference also entered the STEP electrical, drive and control integrated factory to witness the role played by the eMES system in the whole process management from order receipt to customer receipt.


Speech from partners  



At the same time, the press conference also invited the customer Suzhou Crater Lake and the Swiss EROWA, a partner in the field of automation, to share their views on eMES application experience and industrial digital transformation.



 Online interactive question and answer  



In the final interactive communication session, the product team answered questions one by one on eMES product positioning, product development and product competitive advantages that everyone cared about, drawing a successful conclusion to this conference.


Developing the digital economy is a strategic choice to seize new opportunities from a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. As a leader in digital and intelligent transformation, STEP will further leverage its technological advantages and create a new model of intelligent manufacturing in the future with its own best practice experience. , to accelerate the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry.

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